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Become a Crypto Expert

Our extensive course will let teach you the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain. How it affects the markets and how you can get involved. 

We are not a crypto platform and no actual trading is done on this website. We use pre-selected platforms for the purposes of this course and we can suggest creating demo accounts for them, but it is not mandatory – you can pick whichever you like.

We are not affiliated with any platform.

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What Will You Learn?

Our course is developed by experts in the field. We will start with the basics and go up to the various platforms.

What is Cryptocurrency?

You’ll learn the fundamentals of crypto and blockchain technology, terms and more. 

How does it work?

Get to know how each crypto works. We’ll have a look at the top 20 most popular out of 2500+.

Can you buy it?

Know how can you mine or buy cryptocurrencies and why. Does anyone still mine?

Can you sell it?

Can you sell your cryptocurrency, how to sell it and most importantly when. 

Popular crypto platforms?

Where to buy and sell without risk. We’ll review the most popular platforms.

Other lessons?

You will have the chance to get our advanced course and more to come.

Our Students Say

One of the most informative and educational courses I’ve ever attended. Some of the things I already knew but the things I didn’t opened so much opportunities for me. I highly recommend you to enroll especially if you’re interested in the topic. 

Evelyn Jimenez


This course changed the way I think about cryptocurrencies. I was really sceptical. Now I am not. Attend and you’ll know.

Debra Peters


I always thought I knew everything there is to Bitcoin and Ethereum but it turns out I only saw the tip of the iceberg. 

Mark Martinez


Get involved in the most exciting technology ever

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